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What are the contraindications to pay attention to after flat You Laser treatment

What are the contraindications to pay attention to after 激光脫疣 laser treatment of flat warts? Flat warts are a skin disease that can cause some flat papules on the skin of patients. After treatment with laser technology, whether it is skin care work or Chinese diet, some teachers want Pay attention to the taboo, then we specifically analyze the taboo about flat warts, let us students to learn about it.

What are the contraindications to pay attention to after flat You Laser treatment

Warts are caused by a virus on the surface of the skin. They are more common in children and adolescents from one to three months old and can spread the incubation period of the disease. The virus exists in the spinous layer cells, which can promote cell proliferation and cause wart-like damage. Flat warts are located on the skin lesions of the face, on the back of the hands and arms, they appear as flat papules, slightly protruding, and smooth on the surface. Pay attention to taboos for flat warts after laser treatment, which can be introduced by the following.

Contraindications to be noted after laser treatment of flat warts:

One to two days after treatment, you should pay attention to sun protection and hydration. When cleaning the skin, you should be as gentle as possible. Avoid or use less irritating chemicals. For patients with flat warts, it is very important to use the laser in the sun. Avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible. If you need to go out in the sun, you should pay attention to sun protection measures.

For flat wart laser treatment, if it occurs on the face, the patient should wash his face every day, wash the face gently, and avoid supplying strong volatile and oily water.

3. After laser treatment of flat warts, try to keep a light diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink as much water as possible, and eat more food with sufficient water.

4. After flat wart laser treatment, you should avoid eating spicy and irritating research foods. Because irritation or food can affect the patient’s body through endocrine, it will develop and cause social skin irritation, which affects the treatment. Spicy and pungent foods include chili, pepper noodles, mustard, raw onion, raw garlic, white wine and so on.

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Viral skin diseases-warts

Virus-induced skin diseases are common diseases in dermatology. In the spring when 疣病毒 everything grows, the virus also becomes active, causing various manifestations after infecting the human body. The characteristics of chickenpox and shingles have been mentioned before. Now we will continue to introduce viral skin diseases.

1. Molluscum contagiosum: It is characterized by waxy shiny papules or nodules on the skin, with a sunken top that can squeeze out cheese-like molluscum bodies; generally it can be spread through direct social contact and is more common in children or young people; The purpose of treatment is to prevent the damaged molluscum from being squeezed out or removed at all (usually scraped off with a curette). Another suggestion is to increase the inevitable for patients to swim in publicly managed pools or use network public health bathing service facilities .

Viral skin diseases-warts

Warts: Caused by human papillomavirus infection and can be spread through direct or indirect contact. They occur at any age (rare in infants, most commonly in young people)

1. Ordinary wart: also known as “prickly heat”, it begins as a needle-point-sized papule, and then gradually expands into a round or polygonal shape, with a rough surface, hard to touch, and varying in number. It can be fused into a piece, which is easy to occur on the fingers and the back of the hand. , Foot margin; 65% of common warts can disappear spontaneously within 2 years.

Viral skin diseases-warts

2. Plantar warts: common warts that occur on the soles of the patient’s feet. Trauma, friction, and foot hyperhidrosis are related to their related pathogenesis; they are round, with clear boundaries, surrounded by a slightly higher horny ring, which is more likely to occur on the feet Heels, metatarsal heads, and toes; different education levels and pain, chronic treatment of the course, but natural resources disappear.

3. Flat warts: mainly affect young people, most of which appear suddenly. It is a flat raised papule, ranging in size from rice grains to mung beans, with a smooth surface and hard texture; good hair on the face and back of the hands; the course of the disease is chronic, and there is no scar after healing.

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What is the healthiest tableware?

Chopsticks used in daily life are usually made of wood, bamboo or iron.

1. Wooden chopsticks and bamboo chopsticks bamboo cutlery manufacturer are relatively simple and prone to mildew, and it is difficult to keep them for a long time. Especially if the social environment of the company is relatively humid, the lifespan will be shorter.

2. The life span of bamboo chopsticks is shorter than that of wooden chopsticks. Because bamboo chopsticks have strong water absorption capacity, the internal control can easily breed bacteria, which cannot be recognized by the naked eye. These bacteria can easily enter our body through various foods and cause harm to human health.

3. Therefore, the service life of wooden chopsticks and bamboo chopsticks is generally two to three months, and then it should be replaced. The lifespan of iron chopsticks is longer than that of bamboo chopsticks and wooden chopsticks, so the term structure we use can pass a little longer.

What is the service life of other social life learning tools?

1. Plastic products.

1. The main material of plastic is polypropylene, which will not release toxic substances, but if it is used for too long, it will degrade and soften.

2. If a plastic keeps showing such a silver streak during the aging process, it indicates that the tableware should be changed.

How often is it better to change the tableware? Which material of tableware is the healthiest?

2. Imitation porcelain plastic.

1. It looks like ceramic, but it is actually made of plastic and melamine formaldehyde resin.

2. This economic component will generate melamine and corporate formaldehyde under the action of acid, enter our human body, and cause social cell cancer.

3. Generally, this kind of tableware has a long life, which can be used for many years, or it can be developed and has not been used. But if our company is often jealous, it is best not to use this kind of tableware.

Ceramics, porcelain and glass.

1. They are all made of silicate, but they have different shapes depending on the template.

2. Generally, the service life is relatively long, as long as it is not broken, we can develop and use it all the time.

image 3. Some products are dyed by metallic minerals. Meet the regulations, don’t worry. If the color fades during use, it is best not to continue using it.

How often is it better to change the tableware? Which material of tableware is the healthiest?

Stainless steel, silver and copper products.

1. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel has developed relatively well, even if we use China for decades, there will not be a big change.

However, some unqualified stainless steel contains a lot of harmful metals, and the intake will have a great impact on the human body. So pay attention to the manufacturer when buying, don’t buy Sanwu products.

3. Silverware will turn black after using it for a long time. You need to remove a black substance before continuing to learn to use it.

4. It is best not to use copperware as tableware, because copperware is prone to corrosion, forming copper rust, and ingestion of the human body will socially affect the student’s body.

In general, you should also pay attention to the placement of tableware and the environment, and try to put it in a dry and cool place to avoid the breeding of bacteria.

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Toilet selection, usage, and development of cleaning guidelines make toileting a pleasure

The bathroom is a household item that we touch 座廁選擇 every day. It has a very close relationship with our body, so you must not be careless when buying.

Below, we come to understand the classification of toilets, use attention and cleaning and maintenance, to provide you with an effective decoration plan reference.

Toilet selection, usage, and development of cleaning guidelines make toileting a pleasure for enterprises

Type of toilet

1. Classified by structure

A. Single-piece type: the water tank and the base body are 旋渦式坐廁 combined into one, the installation is simple, and the shape design is beautiful.

Split type: The water tank and the valve seat are designed separately and installed separately, which is easy to maintain.

2. Classified by installation method

A. Floor type: fixed on a ground.

B: Hang on the wall.

3. Press the water method to classify

Flushing type: Use the impact of electric current to directly flush away dirt. Mainly used in domestic middle and low-end toilets.

Siphon type: With the help of powerful negative air pressure, the dirt is sucked away. The flushing noise is small, and it is not easy to stain.

4. Classified by pollutant discharge method

A. Rear row type: the sewage outlet and located in the wall.

B. Bottom: The sewage outlet is on the ground.

Attention to the use of toilet

1. After the upper cover of the toilet is opened, there is a layer of seat gasket. If you are a male, it is best to lift the seat washer together before urinating to avoid soiling.

2. When defecate, in order to avoid splashing with dirty water on the buttocks, a piece of toilet paper or toilet paper can be placed on the water in advance (the toilet paper product will not sink quickly).

(It is not recommended to sit forward or backward to avoid splashing, which will not only make your posture uncomfortable, but also stain the wall of the barrel.)

3. If we are not accustomed to using the sitting posture when defecate, we can lift the sitting washer and then adopt a squatting posture. Do not use water on the upper edge to avoid slipping.

4. When the cover is installed in a non-water tank or a low-water tank, people cannot lean back, otherwise it will be affected and cause breakage.

There should be a light switch on the cover to avoid direct collision with the water tank and leave traces, which will affect the appearance.

Toilet cleaning and maintenance

1. Pay attention to ventilation before cleaning. Open the window system in the bathroom or through the exhaust fan, all the things placed on the toilet tank can be removed.

2. Prepare clean production tools. Common research tools are: detergent, toilet brush, small brush, rag, and gloves. If necessary, you can wear goggles or glasses commonly used by companies to prevent the patient’s liquid from splashing into the eyes.

(Do not use a strong acid, strong carbon, decontamination powder, volatile agent, thinner for development and cleaning, otherwise it will cause corrosion and glaze. Do not use wire brushes, blades and other sharp objects for cleaning.)

3. Clean the inside of the toilet. Pour the cleanser on the inside of the toilet, then cover the lid and soak for a few minutes. You can start cleaning the outside of the toilet bowl. After a few minutes, open the toilet lid and use a toilet brush to flush the wall of the toilet, especially every outlet hole inside the toilet. It is important to clean. After cleaning, press the water outlet button, flush the toilet again with clean water, and use the water to clean the toilet.

4. Clean the toilet and outside. The toilet cover is a part of the human body, and the bacteria and dirt that it adsorbs and retains are also the most. Therefore, when cleaning the toilet, it is important to clean the toilet cover. It can be wiped with a cloth coated with disinfectant. If you put on a washing machine, you must clean and disinfect it regularly. Wipe all the periphery of the toilet bowl clean. For some places that are not easy to clean to the sanitary corner, you can use an old toothbrush to clean it.

Precautions for buying a toilet

1. Look at the size. The size of the toilet should be designed to match the size requirements of the company’s bathroom, and the pit distance of the bathroom should be measured before buying.

2. Look inside. In order to save resources and costs, some different manufacturers did not glaze the toilet’s return bend, or chose a gasket with low elasticity and poor sealing system performance. This will easily cause the toilet to become fouled, thereby blocking and leaking. . When buying, put your hand into the dirty mouth of the toilet and feel for yourself whether we are smoothing inside.

3. Look at the glazed surface. Through students’ touch, judge whether the glaze is smooth and meticulous, and there are no flaws.

Optimistic about after-sales service. Clarify the product warranty scope and warranty period.

Post-Edition: With the advancement of China’s technology, people have higher requirements for a clean and comfortable environment. Therefore, the usage rate of smart toilets that can be automatically controlled is increasing. In addition to the functions of warm water, warm seat, and front and rear washing, the fully automatic smart toilet also has special education functions such as drying, deodorization, and automatic cleaning of the nozzle system.

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Additional issuance tips

In order to solve the problem of hair 竹因子生髮 loss and hair loss, there is water for hair growth, transplantation and planting. Another method is acr autologous cell transplantation, which is a method of re-transplanting hair from the culture medium of own cells, which is usually removed with tools The hair follicles behind the ears, the subcutaneous tissues have a diameter of about 2.5 mm, and then divide the cells into a single cell suspension, which is processed and injected into the hair skin of a certain depth that needs to be implanted. Because the cells themselves do not have to worry about rejection, and because they are tissue fluids with hair follicles, they are easy to grow hair, which is much better than transplantation. However, this technology is not very popular. It is said to be introduced to the United States and the price is generally 50,000 Around the unit, the general feeling is still very stressful!

Today I want to introduce you a very common formula, you may have heard of it, it is ginger hair. You will often see on the Internet that scalp with ginger slices can produce hair, but what is the specific principle of this formula? There is no scientific evidence that ginger can really produce hair, but in practice, it is really effective for some people, and the taste of ginger is very irritating, so we can understand it this way, because the taste of ginger will stimulate the scalp to heat up and make blood flow smoothly. The nutrients of the scalp can therefore be obtained more easily, so it can grow and nourish fragile hair and prevent hair loss, or ginger juice has an inhibitory effect on certain bacteria in the scalp. These bacteria are destroying the growth of hair, so hair loss is not caused by clean hair. Caused, so the hair follicles are blocked, affecting the growth of hair! In short, ginger is useful for hair. Some people say that garlic, pepper, etc. are more useful? I haven’t studied it yet, and I can’t answer your question, but maybe the scientific community will discover this in the near future!

Method: a large piece of fresh ginger and a 5 ml vial on a cotton swab

Method: Cut the ginger into small pieces hsl 生髮 and soak in water for five minutes. Use a traditional household juicer to squeeze out the juice and pour it into a small bottle.

How to use: Use a cotton swab dipped in ginger juice and apply directly on long hair or eyebrows

Note: Do not use if you are allergic to ginger or spicy

Additional issuance tips

Ginger is a condiment used for stir-frying, and it is generally liked to put it inside, so ginger is safe. As for the effect, you can apply it every two days and wait for more than five hours after each application before washing your hair. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use it at night, dry it before going to bed, and wash it off in the morning. This is work. Leave it alone

The social problem of why you want to squeeze juice can be known by just thinking about it. If you slice and wipe, most of the students will not be able to wipe the position, and the resources are wasted!

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At present, how to prevent gastrointestinal discomfort such as stomach pain and bloating?

1. Supplement dietary fiber

Human body’s daily intake of 20-25 grams of dietary fiber can reduce the risk of esophageal cancer and gastric cancer. It can clean the intestines, regulate the environment of the intestinal flora, and effectively relieve constipation.

How to prevent gastrointestinal discomfort such as stomach pain and bloating?

Vegetables and fruits contain more water-soluble fiber. Foods such as grains contain more water-insoluble fiber. Fiber can stimulate the peristalsis of the intestinal wall, reduce the retention of food in the large intestine, and reduce the absorption of harmful substances.

The second is a light diet and adequate protein intake.

During the new coronavirus pneumonia period, make sure you eat foods rich in high-quality protein, including fish, meat, eggs, milk, and beans every day. The amino acids of high-quality protein in food are more easily absorbed by the body, and its use is very important for strengthening the spleen and stomach.

How to prevent gastrointestinal discomfort such as stomach pain and bloating?

It is recommended to eat 40-75 grams of meat, 40-75 grams of fish and shrimp, 1 egg and so on. You should ensure a light diet and avoid high-salt, fried, and spicy foods.

Three, eat regularly

Eat three meals a day as regularly as possible. The digestion, absorption, distribution and storage of human food are mainly done by the spleen and stomach (intestines). Through the functions of the spleen and stomach, the food eaten is transformed into fine substances, which supplement nutrients such as qi, blood, body fluid, essence and qi.

If the diet is irregular, it will disturb the circadian rhythm of the spleen and stomach, affect the digestion and absorption function of the spleen and stomach, and then affect the conversion and absorption of nutrients.

How to prevent gastrointestinal discomfort such as stomach pain and bloating?

At the same time, eating slowly can make food easier to digest and absorb. It is best to chew each meal more than 20 times before swallowing. When food is chewed in the mouth, it combines with saliva to form salivary amylase, which helps digestion.

Fourth, avoid sitting for a long time and stand up and walk more often.

Sitting at home for about an hour can get you up and move for 3-5 minutes. Proper exercise can help digest food, speed up bowel movements, improve blood circulation, and change the heart.

How to prevent gastrointestinal discomfort such as stomach pain and bloating?

Before eating a full meal, remember not to “cough your lie”. This will not only slow down gastrointestinal peristalsis, but also cause food reflux, causing acid reflux, heartburn and other discomforts.

5. If gastrointestinal discomfort occurs repeatedly, seek medical attention in time.

Many people go to pharmacies or clinics to buy medicine when their stomachs are upset. This is a time bomb for our health. Stomach disease cannot be delayed. Once gastrointestinal discomfort occurs, especially if it lasts for 1 to 2 weeks or occurs repeatedly, you should take the initiative to go to the hospital for examination. Accept the diagnosis and treatment of professional doctors, so as not to delay the condition and cause more serious consequences.