What are the contraindications to pay attention to after flat You Laser treatment

What are the contraindications to pay attention to after 激光脫疣 laser treatment of flat warts? Flat warts are a skin disease that can cause some flat papules on the skin of patients. After treatment with laser technology, whether it is skin care work or Chinese diet, some teachers want Pay attention to the taboo, then we specifically analyze the taboo about flat warts, let us students to learn about it.

What are the contraindications to pay attention to after flat You Laser treatment

Warts are caused by a virus on the surface of the skin. They are more common in children and adolescents from one to three months old and can spread the incubation period of the disease. The virus exists in the spinous layer cells, which can promote cell proliferation and cause wart-like damage. Flat warts are located on the skin lesions of the face, on the back of the hands and arms, they appear as flat papules, slightly protruding, and smooth on the surface. Pay attention to taboos for flat warts after laser treatment, which can be introduced by the following.

Contraindications to be noted after laser treatment of flat warts:

One to two days after treatment, you should pay attention to sun protection and hydration. When cleaning the skin, you should be as gentle as possible. Avoid or use less irritating chemicals. For patients with flat warts, it is very important to use the laser in the sun. Avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible. If you need to go out in the sun, you should pay attention to sun protection measures.

For flat wart laser treatment, if it occurs on the face, the patient should wash his face every day, wash the face gently, and avoid supplying strong volatile and oily water.

3. After laser treatment of flat warts, try to keep a light diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink as much water as possible, and eat more food with sufficient water.

4. After flat wart laser treatment, you should avoid eating spicy and irritating research foods. Because irritation or food can affect the patient’s body through endocrine, it will develop and cause social skin irritation, which affects the treatment. Spicy and pungent foods include chili, pepper noodles, mustard, raw onion, raw garlic, white wine and so on.

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