What is the trend of the catering industry in 2021? Why is it not easy to cook now? So as to break through

Nowadays, why is it more and more difficult 大家樂招聘 for us to do catering in China. Before, we can make a lot of money by ourselves when we set up a stall. Today, it seems that they are not enough to pay the rent.

The same management, the same dishes, why not put it today? Today, Xi Xia Ke Hai Xia Hot Pot will talk to you from three aspects, and you will definitely gain something after reading it.

1. Why is the food of the past so delicious?

Food, clothing, housing and transportation are necessary for daily life. The catering industry has become the most basic livelihood service industry by virtue of a huge rigid management demand-food.

In the 1980s, when the material was scarce, a family was opened and a restaurant was used to feed a family of five. The wine is not afraid of the deep alleys in the 1990s, the taste is single, the food is affordable, the location is remote, and the business can still be hot.

2. Why is food so difficult to make today?

In the 21st century, the material conditions can generally be improved, the pace of life and work has been accelerating, the number of catering shops has risen sharply, the business categories are diversified, and the large and small chain franchise stores are blooming everywhere.

Catering industry with severe oversupply:

Three highs and two lows: high rents, high labor, high cost of ingredients; low thresholds, low gross profit margins and other market economic environmental issues have led to the continuous opening and closing of restaurants in the streets and lanes of China.

3. How to choose to do today’s catering?

Where is the way out for the more competitive大家樂招聘 catering industry in the future? Either make a small and beautiful word-of-mouth store, or make a big and strong brand store.

How is the small and beautiful word-of-mouth store made?

On the premise that there are not too many problems with location, taste, and service, opening a small store with a “big and comprehensive” category will fall into a grocery store that is indistinguishable from the surrounding stores. It has no special features and can only satisfy customers.

Nowadays, Chinese customers can choose a restaurant, and often companies have already decided in their minds what I want to eat at a certain restaurant before going out.

Because I like XX, so I decided to go to XX. Few people pass by your shop to eat because they are hungry.

The specialty store I’m talking about,

First of all, there must be a few categories and some memory points.

The fewer categories, the more it can form a memory point that focuses on students.

For example, some specialty stores such as scallion noodles, some wild vegetable dumplings, etc., I heard that the name is not appetite, the store is not afraid of being small, afraid that there is no characteristic, and there is no memory point.

figure 2. One more thing: make it as delicious as possible so that the first time customers will come back because your store has an unforgettable taste.

A store with a very hot business must have a large number of repeat customers.

3. Reuse word of mouth

Old customers bring new customers. In Chunshui Alley, there is an old man who only sells wild vegetable buns. The environment is normal. There are only two tables for dinner. There are people lining up to buy steamed buns every day. Mantou is a variety of wild vegetable mantou. Prices range from 1.5 to 3.5.

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