Wooden tableware, placed naturally

Wood is the most primitive material and our wooden fork closest to nature. The issue of the nature of its return to innocence has become more and more favored by the public, and it has become the darling of China’s traditional dining table culture in recent years.

When wooden tableware is placed on the table, the natural aroma of the ingredients will be released to the greatest extent. More importantly, the wooden meal has a good appearance and temperament, and it has become a favorite of many students who improve their moral character and healthy life style.

As a tableware culture, wood can always give people a warm feeling. The simple shape and the original wood color design require everything to be presented in the most primitive way.

Every detail brings out a unique taste of life. Follow the little makeup today to see these unique wooden tableware~

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The epitome of time rings

Wooden coffee cups, because their wood is dark brown as a whole, will give people a sense of time, especially hand-made food vessels will have signs of natural growth rings, which will give people a more natural feeling, as if trees grow and become It’s what it looks like now.

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Nordic accent

The Nordic accent refers to a simple and human way of life and learning. Nordic artists have combined art and practical technology to develop our design teaching style that is more comfortable and more humane. It shows a simple, fresh and original beauty, and creates a natural environment atmosphere where man and nature are united. It reflects the wood orientation and melody of urbanites in modern Chinese society entering this new era.

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