How can everyone borrow money wh…

A good friend said, at this stage does encounter the problem of working capital does not move, all of a sudden occurred 30,000 shortage of funds, borrowing is feasible?

The urgent need for a loan is the most headache, because people have three urgent, poor money is the most important urgent other than the three urgent.

But do you understand how to solve the urgent need for a loan?

Temporary asset turnover is a very common thing, so there is no need to be anxious, you can find a way to deal with it gradually. How to solve it?

If you have all the rights to use the house under your own account or under the account of the main members of the family, you can use this house to carry out a mortgage, although the mortgage is more inconvenient, but now there are many loan companies once the credit line revolving system 借錢, and can be applied at will, anytime, anywhere to repay, very convenient.

If you have a neatly titled store, you can naturally also use your store as a mortgage, and naturally you can also apply for a revolving system loan.

If you have your own business, you can use your company to carry out your own business loans, many organizations today have their own business loans, but how much you can borrow is based on the actual raw materials you give.

If you have shares and debt papers, you can apply such shares and debt papers to carry out pledged loans, which are very simple to process and have a quicker review.

If you have national bonds, you can use such bonds to carry out pledge loans, and the actual operation of national bonds pledge loans is also more convenient

If you have a time deposit, you can pledge your unexpired time deposit for a loan, and it is usually better to go to a savings organization to apply for it, and they will want to apply for it.

If you have a bank card line, I firmly believe that many people have a bank credit card, if your bank credit card also has a credit line, and your 30,000 yuan vacancy is open for payment to the public, then you can use the bank credit card to carry out payment, because there is a time difference in the repayment of the bank credit card, perhaps you will also solve the asset problem

If you have none of the above items, then only propose you to borrow from relatives and friends. But borrowing from relatives and friends should pay attention to three points: first establish the period of borrowing, how long it takes to repay the request; second, repay on time within the normative time frame, do not feel that it does not matter if you are a few aspects late, as this will jeopardize your credibility; third, establish to pay a certain amount of interest on the loan, do not have to make relatives and friends feel that you are borrowing only when you are not willing to pay the interest on the borrowed loan.

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