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These methods to eliminate dark …

1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen improves dark circles and avoids tanning in the same way. 淡化黑眼圈 Excessive sunlight causes melanin cells in the body to increase, so a good eye sunscreen can prevent pigmentation.

In addition to sunscreen, wearing sunglasses is also a great tool to protect your eyes from sun damage.

2. Good sleep

Poor sleep is a common cause of dark circles under the eyes. Try to go to bed early at night to relax your body.

3. Regular massage to promote eye blood circulation

You can massage your eyes regularly to promote blood and lymphatic circulation around the eyes to lighten the dark circles. At the same time, more exercise to accelerate blood circulation, increase blood oxygen, but also can effectively improve the dark circles.

4. supplement vitamin C and low-sugar diet

Dark circles under the eyes is to some extent a manifestation of inflammation of the skin tissue. A diet rich in antioxidants and low in sugar can fight inflammation in various parts of your body. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the intake of sugar in the Chinese diet.

Vitamin C deficiency can also lead to dark circles under the eyes, so you should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to get the right amount of vitamin C.

5. Seek professional treatment

For dark circles caused by diseases, you must seek professional medical consultation and treatment; for dark circles caused by genetics, the effect of improvement through the above methods is generally not significant, you can go to the formal hospital aesthetic department for laser treatment.

Office workers’ social media tee…

Office workers who are new to the workplace, clean their “faces” in fashionable clothes, but open their mouths, but some of the “door curtains” on their lips can’t be taken out, plaque accumulation, gum problems, tooth decay, tartar reconstruction and oral odor… The more More and more dental problems are especially embarrassing for the elite office workers who often communicate on social media!Office workers who are new to the workplace, clean their “faces” in fashionable clothes, but open their mouths, but some of the “door curtains” on their lips can’t be taken out, plaque accumulation, gum problems, tooth decay, tartar reconstruction and oral odor…

The more More and more dental problems are especially embarrassing for the elite office workers who often communicate on social media! 【Links to related topics】Monthly tooth care campaign: healthy teeth and healthy lifeDental disease takes a fancy to office workers, why? Let’s take a look together!Occupational stress – swollen gums,Office workers have high market competition pressure, fast-paced work, and their spirits are easily tense and depressed, and their daily routines are not regular, which can easily weaken the body’s immunity and resistance, allowing virus infections to take advantage and cause gum swelling and pain. .Office environment – subacute gingival swelling,The office environment of office workers is mostly closed, and they stay in the company’s office with central air-conditioning for a long time. The outdoor temperature difference in the room is large, and the dentist in hong kong, which leads to the growth of germs, and it is very easy to suffer from respiratory diseases and respiratory tract infections.

The risk of developing subacute gingival swelling continues to rise.Social media communication – tartar, calculus, bad breath,Office workers have a lot of communication, and they are habitually staying up late. In addition, they are busy at work and do not exercise much. This bad habit due to the characteristics of the post has caused the dental environment of office workers to be in a “sub-healthy state” for a long time. Tobacco stains and theophylline accumulate and derivate in the gaps between teeth in the natural environment of dental acid. Over time, they will become difficult to remove dental calculus, which not only “creates” a yellow tooth, but also causes the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria due to the flooding of dental calculus, which further devours the gums. and dental health. The flooding of dental calculus and the tendency to develop to the subgingival become a medium for the growth of periodontitis bacteria. At the same time, because of the odor caused by this gum disease, even bubble gum and mouthwash cannot be pressed.Menstrual cycle – gingival inflammation, periodontal disease,Regular dental disease has also been perplexing working ladies. The study found that office workers often have cyclical dental disease, because the level of gingival inflammation is higher on the day of ovulation; before ovulation, gingival inflammation is lower; after women enter the menstrual period, gingival inflammation will be further reduced.

Female hormones in a woman’s body will fluctuate to a certain extent in a month, which is why women in the workplace have a certain period of time every month when gingivitis is mainly more serious than usual.It can be seen that due to the characteristics of the above positions, dental diseases such as swollen gums, subacute toothache, tartar, periodontal disease, oral odor often confuse office workers, then, how should office workers prevent the above teeth What about disease?The basic methods include:Develop good habits of life and rest, strengthen exercise, and relieve anxiety at work;Pay attention to oral health and cultivate healthy eating habits;Carry out dental check-ups on time.

What is fetal heart rate monitor…

Do you have to monitor fetal heart rate every week?

Whether to do weekly fetal heart rate CTG machine the third trimester mainly depends on the mother’s physical condition. If the obstetric examination is normal, it can be done once a month, or even once in the third trimester, but if there are pregnancy complications or other problems during pregnancy, the doctor will increase the frequency of fetal heart monitoring.

For example, in the hospital in my hometown, you want to know that it is done once a week, but the doctor has not arranged it; while some large hospitals will arrange to work once a week, as long as there is an arrangement, the mothers should cooperate.

In other words, how many times different hospitals are different.

Why do fetal heart monitoring?

With the growth and development of the fetus, various aspects of the development of the body and changes in the uterine environment, the fetus is prone to some abnormal conditions in the uterus, such as hypoxia, which is caused by a variety of factors. Even if the amniotic fluid is cloudy, the amniotic fluid decreases, and the placenta is aging. cause fetal hypoxia.

Fetal heart rate monitoring is to monitor the fetal heart rate and fetal movement within 30 minutes of the fetus in the uterus, and determine whether the fetus has the possibility of hypoxia according to the monitoring results. If there is any abnormality, the doctor can find and deal with it in time.

How is fetal heart monitoring done?

The fetal heart rate monitoring system can be performed lying down or sitting, but two probes are tied to the stomach, one is placed under the navel, and the fetal heart rate is obtained from the chest or back of the fetus; the other is placed on the stomach At the top, it mainly includes the number of induced uterine contractions and fetal movements. Finally, such a standard curve will be displayed. The doctor will not give some suggestions based on the results of relevant inspection and analysis.

The total monitoring score is 12 points, 11-12 points are normal, 8-10 points are unresponsive, 7 points are no response, the fetal score is low, and the specific reasons need to be identified, otherwise the hypoxia time is too long and will not affect brain development , even life-threatening.

The normal heart rate of the fetus is 120-160 beats per minute. If the fetal heart rate is less than 120 or greater than 160 for more than ten minutes, the fetal heart rate is abnormal.

However, an abnormal fetal heart rate monitoring system does not mean that the fetus is hypoxic. Sometimes it may be because the fetus is sleeping or lazy. Do it again after a while and it will pass more smoothly!

In order for the fetal heart rate monitoring to pass smoothly, pregnant mothers can do the following:

1. Choose a time point that affects the activity of the fetus, so that we can better monitor the fetal heart rate. For example, for some fetuses who are active in the morning, the pregnant mother will arrange to go in the morning; if a fetus is in the afternoon For those who are active through comparative research, the pregnant mother will arrange to go in the afternoon.

2. Try to relax as much as possible while monitoring fetal heart monitoring. Pregnant women can make some preparations in advance, such as preparing headphones to listen to some soft music, asking Dad Bao to accompany you, and have a talking partner.

3. If your baby doesn’t move, you can offer him a dessert, or pat his tummy, or change the direction you lie down.

Do not do fetal heart rate monitoring on an empty stomach, as long as the mother is full and the baby is strong.

Choose suitable earplugs accordi…

Anything over 85 cents could be detrimental to the listener. Therefore, earplugs are recommended for construction workers, those working in airports or engaged in large-scale activities. Some people also need earplugs to concentrate or sleep in a noisy environment.

Generally speaking, most earplugs used for sleep are foam or cotton earplugs because they are softer and softer. Usually, as long as you choose earplugs with an NRR value of about 20 decibels, you can achieve a soothing effect. Earplugs for noise reduction in a work environment can be chosen based on noise cancelling earbuds and earphones preference. In daily life, you can choose earplugs with an NRR value of 20~30 decibels, and those with a noisy environment can choose earplugs with a higher NRR value.

Are there any side effects of wearing earplugs for a long time?

Earplugs are generally safe, but regular use does have potential side effects for two main reasons.

Earwax buildup: Earplugs can cause earwax to be pushed back into the ear. Severe earplugs can cause temporary hearing loss and earwax, which may require removal by a miller or specialist.

Ear infections: The porous material of foam earplugs provides a good environment for bacteria to grow, so you’ll need to clean them regularly and replace them frequently.

A buildup of earwax or bacteria growing on the earplugs can lead to infection. It is often painful and may be accompanied by complications, which can even lead to deafness if not treated early. To avoid these problems it is very important for him to clean up. If you choose to use disposable ear tips, such as foam ear tips, be sure to replace them regularly. To prolong life, wash your earbuds daily with warm water and mild soap. Make sure it is completely dry before wearing it.