Choose suitable earplugs accordi…

Anything over 85 cents could be detrimental to the listener. Therefore, earplugs are recommended for construction workers, those working in airports or engaged in large-scale activities. Some people also need earplugs to concentrate or sleep in a noisy environment.

Generally speaking, most earplugs used for sleep are foam or cotton earplugs because they are softer and softer. Usually, as long as you choose earplugs with an NRR value of about 20 decibels, you can achieve a soothing effect. Earplugs for noise reduction in a work environment can be chosen based on noise cancelling earbuds and earphones preference. In daily life, you can choose earplugs with an NRR value of 20~30 decibels, and those with a noisy environment can choose earplugs with a higher NRR value.

Are there any side effects of wearing earplugs for a long time?

Earplugs are generally safe, but regular use does have potential side effects for two main reasons.

Earwax buildup: Earplugs can cause earwax to be pushed back into the ear. Severe earplugs can cause temporary hearing loss and earwax, which may require removal by a miller or specialist.

Ear infections: The porous material of foam earplugs provides a good environment for bacteria to grow, so you’ll need to clean them regularly and replace them frequently.

A buildup of earwax or bacteria growing on the earplugs can lead to infection. It is often painful and may be accompanied by complications, which can even lead to deafness if not treated early. To avoid these problems it is very important for him to clean up. If you choose to use disposable ear tips, such as foam ear tips, be sure to replace them regularly. To prolong life, wash your earbuds daily with warm water and mild soap. Make sure it is completely dry before wearing it.

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