What is fetal heart rate monitor…

Do you have to monitor fetal heart rate every week?

Whether to do weekly fetal heart rate CTG machine the third trimester mainly depends on the mother’s physical condition. If the obstetric examination is normal, it can be done once a month, or even once in the third trimester, but if there are pregnancy complications or other problems during pregnancy, the doctor will increase the frequency of fetal heart monitoring.

For example, in the hospital in my hometown, you want to know that it is done once a week, but the doctor has not arranged it; while some large hospitals will arrange to work once a week, as long as there is an arrangement, the mothers should cooperate.

In other words, how many times different hospitals are different.

Why do fetal heart monitoring?

With the growth and development of the fetus, various aspects of the development of the body and changes in the uterine environment, the fetus is prone to some abnormal conditions in the uterus, such as hypoxia, which is caused by a variety of factors. Even if the amniotic fluid is cloudy, the amniotic fluid decreases, and the placenta is aging. cause fetal hypoxia.

Fetal heart rate monitoring is to monitor the fetal heart rate and fetal movement within 30 minutes of the fetus in the uterus, and determine whether the fetus has the possibility of hypoxia according to the monitoring results. If there is any abnormality, the doctor can find and deal with it in time.

How is fetal heart monitoring done?

The fetal heart rate monitoring system can be performed lying down or sitting, but two probes are tied to the stomach, one is placed under the navel, and the fetal heart rate is obtained from the chest or back of the fetus; the other is placed on the stomach At the top, it mainly includes the number of induced uterine contractions and fetal movements. Finally, such a standard curve will be displayed. The doctor will not give some suggestions based on the results of relevant inspection and analysis.

The total monitoring score is 12 points, 11-12 points are normal, 8-10 points are unresponsive, 7 points are no response, the fetal score is low, and the specific reasons need to be identified, otherwise the hypoxia time is too long and will not affect brain development , even life-threatening.

The normal heart rate of the fetus is 120-160 beats per minute. If the fetal heart rate is less than 120 or greater than 160 for more than ten minutes, the fetal heart rate is abnormal.

However, an abnormal fetal heart rate monitoring system does not mean that the fetus is hypoxic. Sometimes it may be because the fetus is sleeping or lazy. Do it again after a while and it will pass more smoothly!

In order for the fetal heart rate monitoring to pass smoothly, pregnant mothers can do the following:

1. Choose a time point that affects the activity of the fetus, so that we can better monitor the fetal heart rate. For example, for some fetuses who are active in the morning, the pregnant mother will arrange to go in the morning; if a fetus is in the afternoon For those who are active through comparative research, the pregnant mother will arrange to go in the afternoon.

2. Try to relax as much as possible while monitoring fetal heart monitoring. Pregnant women can make some preparations in advance, such as preparing headphones to listen to some soft music, asking Dad Bao to accompany you, and have a talking partner.

3. If your baby doesn’t move, you can offer him a dessert, or pat his tummy, or change the direction you lie down.

Do not do fetal heart rate monitoring on an empty stomach, as long as the mother is full and the baby is strong.

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