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Toilet selection, usage, and development of cleaning guidelines make toileting a pleasure

The bathroom is a household item that we touch 座廁選擇 every day. It has a very close relationship with our body, so you must not be careless when buying.

Below, we come to understand the classification of toilets, use attention and cleaning and maintenance, to provide you with an effective decoration plan reference.

Toilet selection, usage, and development of cleaning guidelines make toileting a pleasure for enterprises

Type of toilet

1. Classified by structure

A. Single-piece type: the water tank and the base body are 旋渦式坐廁 combined into one, the installation is simple, and the shape design is beautiful.

Split type: The water tank and the valve seat are designed separately and installed separately, which is easy to maintain.

2. Classified by installation method

A. Floor type: fixed on a ground.

B: Hang on the wall.

3. Press the water method to classify

Flushing type: Use the impact of electric current to directly flush away dirt. Mainly used in domestic middle and low-end toilets.

Siphon type: With the help of powerful negative air pressure, the dirt is sucked away. The flushing noise is small, and it is not easy to stain.

4. Classified by pollutant discharge method

A. Rear row type: the sewage outlet and located in the wall.

B. Bottom: The sewage outlet is on the ground.

Attention to the use of toilet

1. After the upper cover of the toilet is opened, there is a layer of seat gasket. If you are a male, it is best to lift the seat washer together before urinating to avoid soiling.

2. When defecate, in order to avoid splashing with dirty water on the buttocks, a piece of toilet paper or toilet paper can be placed on the water in advance (the toilet paper product will not sink quickly).

(It is not recommended to sit forward or backward to avoid splashing, which will not only make your posture uncomfortable, but also stain the wall of the barrel.)

3. If we are not accustomed to using the sitting posture when defecate, we can lift the sitting washer and then adopt a squatting posture. Do not use water on the upper edge to avoid slipping.

4. When the cover is installed in a non-water tank or a low-water tank, people cannot lean back, otherwise it will be affected and cause breakage.

There should be a light switch on the cover to avoid direct collision with the water tank and leave traces, which will affect the appearance.

Toilet cleaning and maintenance

1. Pay attention to ventilation before cleaning. Open the window system in the bathroom or through the exhaust fan, all the things placed on the toilet tank can be removed.

2. Prepare clean production tools. Common research tools are: detergent, toilet brush, small brush, rag, and gloves. If necessary, you can wear goggles or glasses commonly used by companies to prevent the patient’s liquid from splashing into the eyes.

(Do not use a strong acid, strong carbon, decontamination powder, volatile agent, thinner for development and cleaning, otherwise it will cause corrosion and glaze. Do not use wire brushes, blades and other sharp objects for cleaning.)

3. Clean the inside of the toilet. Pour the cleanser on the inside of the toilet, then cover the lid and soak for a few minutes. You can start cleaning the outside of the toilet bowl. After a few minutes, open the toilet lid and use a toilet brush to flush the wall of the toilet, especially every outlet hole inside the toilet. It is important to clean. After cleaning, press the water outlet button, flush the toilet again with clean water, and use the water to clean the toilet.

4. Clean the toilet and outside. The toilet cover is a part of the human body, and the bacteria and dirt that it adsorbs and retains are also the most. Therefore, when cleaning the toilet, it is important to clean the toilet cover. It can be wiped with a cloth coated with disinfectant. If you put on a washing machine, you must clean and disinfect it regularly. Wipe all the periphery of the toilet bowl clean. For some places that are not easy to clean to the sanitary corner, you can use an old toothbrush to clean it.

Precautions for buying a toilet

1. Look at the size. The size of the toilet should be designed to match the size requirements of the company’s bathroom, and the pit distance of the bathroom should be measured before buying.

2. Look inside. In order to save resources and costs, some different manufacturers did not glaze the toilet’s return bend, or chose a gasket with low elasticity and poor sealing system performance. This will easily cause the toilet to become fouled, thereby blocking and leaking. . When buying, put your hand into the dirty mouth of the toilet and feel for yourself whether we are smoothing inside.

3. Look at the glazed surface. Through students’ touch, judge whether the glaze is smooth and meticulous, and there are no flaws.

Optimistic about after-sales service. Clarify the product warranty scope and warranty period.

Post-Edition: With the advancement of China’s technology, people have higher requirements for a clean and comfortable environment. Therefore, the usage rate of smart toilets that can be automatically controlled is increasing. In addition to the functions of warm water, warm seat, and front and rear washing, the fully automatic smart toilet also has special education functions such as drying, deodorization, and automatic cleaning of the nozzle system.

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