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Wooden tableware, placed naturally

Wood is the most primitive material and our wooden fork closest to nature. The issue of the nature of its return to innocence has become more and more favored by the public, and it has become the darling of China’s traditional dining table culture in recent years.

When wooden tableware is placed on the table, the natural aroma of the ingredients will be released to the greatest extent. More importantly, the wooden meal has a good appearance and temperament, and it has become a favorite of many students who improve their moral character and healthy life style.

As a tableware culture, wood can always give people a warm feeling. The simple shape and the original wood color design require everything to be presented in the most primitive way.

Every detail brings out a unique taste of life. Follow the little makeup today to see these unique wooden tableware~

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The epitome of time rings

Wooden coffee cups, because their wood is dark brown as a whole, will give people a sense of time, especially hand-made food vessels will have signs of natural growth rings, which will give people a more natural feeling, as if trees grow and become It’s what it looks like now.

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Nordic accent

The Nordic accent refers to a simple and human way of life and learning. Nordic artists have combined art and practical technology to develop our design teaching style that is more comfortable and more humane. It shows a simple, fresh and original beauty, and creates a natural environment atmosphere where man and nature are united. It reflects the wood orientation and melody of urbanites in modern Chinese society entering this new era.

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What is the trend of the catering industry in 2021? Why is it not easy to cook now? So as to break through

Nowadays, why is it more and more difficult 大家樂招聘 for us to do catering in China. Before, we can make a lot of money by ourselves when we set up a stall. Today, it seems that they are not enough to pay the rent.

The same management, the same dishes, why not put it today? Today, Xi Xia Ke Hai Xia Hot Pot will talk to you from three aspects, and you will definitely gain something after reading it.

1. Why is the food of the past so delicious?

Food, clothing, housing and transportation are necessary for daily life. The catering industry has become the most basic livelihood service industry by virtue of a huge rigid management demand-food.

In the 1980s, when the material was scarce, a family was opened and a restaurant was used to feed a family of five. The wine is not afraid of the deep alleys in the 1990s, the taste is single, the food is affordable, the location is remote, and the business can still be hot.

2. Why is food so difficult to make today?

In the 21st century, the material conditions can generally be improved, the pace of life and work has been accelerating, the number of catering shops has risen sharply, the business categories are diversified, and the large and small chain franchise stores are blooming everywhere.

Catering industry with severe oversupply:

Three highs and two lows: high rents, high labor, high cost of ingredients; low thresholds, low gross profit margins and other market economic environmental issues have led to the continuous opening and closing of restaurants in the streets and lanes of China.

3. How to choose to do today’s catering?

Where is the way out for the more competitive大家樂招聘 catering industry in the future? Either make a small and beautiful word-of-mouth store, or make a big and strong brand store.

How is the small and beautiful word-of-mouth store made?

On the premise that there are not too many problems with location, taste, and service, opening a small store with a “big and comprehensive” category will fall into a grocery store that is indistinguishable from the surrounding stores. It has no special features and can only satisfy customers.

Nowadays, Chinese customers can choose a restaurant, and often companies have already decided in their minds what I want to eat at a certain restaurant before going out.

Because I like XX, so I decided to go to XX. Few people pass by your shop to eat because they are hungry.

The specialty store I’m talking about,

First of all, there must be a few categories and some memory points.

The fewer categories, the more it can form a memory point that focuses on students.

For example, some specialty stores such as scallion noodles, some wild vegetable dumplings, etc., I heard that the name is not appetite, the store is not afraid of being small, afraid that there is no characteristic, and there is no memory point.

figure 2. One more thing: make it as delicious as possible so that the first time customers will come back because your store has an unforgettable taste.

A store with a very hot business must have a large number of repeat customers.

3. Reuse word of mouth

Old customers bring new customers. In Chunshui Alley, there is an old man who only sells wild vegetable buns. The environment is normal. There are only two tables for dinner. There are people lining up to buy steamed buns every day. Mantou is a variety of wild vegetable mantou. Prices range from 1.5 to 3.5.

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Teach you how to distinguish the quality of fiber optic cables

With the ever-increasing bandwidth of contemporary 光纖線 data transmission, the demand for fiber optic cables is also rising, and many unqualified fiber optic cable products have appeared on the market. Here is how to distinguish the quality of fiber optic cables:

1. Ointment. The ointment mainly includes fiber paste and cable paste. In the case of abnormalities, the fiber paste should cover all the loose tubes, and the cable paste should cover every crack of the optical cable core under pressure. At the beginning, the fiber paste was filled with half full or less. Some of the cable pastes were just applied to the outside of the cable core, and some were not filled at the ends of the fiber optic cable. This will make the optical fiber not well maintained, affect the transmission function of the optical fiber attenuation, and the waterproof function is not up to the national standard. Once the optical cable is not tested for water seepage, the entire link will seep and be scrapped. In the event of an abnormality, even if the seepage is not detected, only a section of the seepage can be repaired, and there is no need to start anew. (The national standard requires water blocking performance: three meters of fiber optic cable, one meter of water column pressure, no water seepage for 24 hours.) If you use poor ointment, the above problems will also occur, and may be due to poor thixotropy of the ointment. , The optical fiber will cause micro-bending consumption, and the transmission characteristics of all links are unqualified; if the grease is acidic, it will react with the metal materials in the optical cable to precipitate hydrogen molecules, and the attenuation of the optical fiber will increase rapidly when encountering H, causing the entire The link is interrupted for transmission.

2. Sheath. The fiber optic cable sheath must not only adapt to many different and complicated meteorological environments, but also ensure long-term stability (up to 25 years). The optical cable sheath must not only have a certain strength, low thermal deformation, abrasion, water permeability, thermal shrinkage and friction coefficient, but also have the characteristics of strong resistance to environmental stress and good material processing performance. Rarely used or poorly used sheathing materials may pass the factory acceptance, but due to quality defects, cracks and water seepage will appear after a period of application. If recycled plastics are used to replace high-quality polyethylene sheathing materials, it will be even more stressful. The fiber optic cable made of high-quality sheathing material has a flat, bright, uniform thickness and no bubbles after the cable is formed. Otherwise, the surface of the fiber optic cable will be rough, and because there are many impurities in the raw material, you can find that the outer skin of the fiber optic cable is very small. Wow, and because of its thin thickness, the overall outer diameter of the optical cable will be much smaller than that of a high-quality optical cable. Indoor optical cables are generally made of high-quality flame-retardant polyvinyl chloride. They should have a smooth, bright appearance, good flexibility, and easy peeling; otherwise, they will have poor skin finish and easily adhere to tight-fitting fibers and aramid.

3. Steel belt and aluminum belt. The steel strip and aluminum strip in the optical cable are mainly used to protect the optical fiber from the influence of the machine side pressure and moisture resistance. The chrome-plated steel strip is generally used in the better optical cable. Inferior fiber optic cables are made of ordinary iron sheet or black sheet (uncoated steel strip) with only one wall that has been treated for rust prevention. Instead of chrome-plated steel strip, rust will appear in the fiber optic cable when it is long, and the hydrogen loss of the fiber will also increase. And because it is easy to break up with the sheath, it cannot form a comprehensive bonding layer, and the moisture barrier function is also abnormally poor; some use tin-plated steel strips to replace chrome-plated steel strips. Prevented, so it is prone to corrosion under humid atmosphere and surface condensation or immersion conditions, especially under acidic conditions.

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What is the healthiest tableware?

Chopsticks used in daily life are usually made of wood, bamboo or iron.

1. Wooden chopsticks and bamboo chopsticks bamboo cutlery manufacturer are relatively simple and prone to mildew, and it is difficult to keep them for a long time. Especially if the social environment of the company is relatively humid, the lifespan will be shorter.

2. The life span of bamboo chopsticks is shorter than that of wooden chopsticks. Because bamboo chopsticks have strong water absorption capacity, the internal control can easily breed bacteria, which cannot be recognized by the naked eye. These bacteria can easily enter our body through various foods and cause harm to human health.

3. Therefore, the service life of wooden chopsticks and bamboo chopsticks is generally two to three months, and then it should be replaced. The lifespan of iron chopsticks is longer than that of bamboo chopsticks and wooden chopsticks, so the term structure we use can pass a little longer.

What is the service life of other social life learning tools?

1. Plastic products.

1. The main material of plastic is polypropylene, which will not release toxic substances, but if it is used for too long, it will degrade and soften.

2. If a plastic keeps showing such a silver streak during the aging process, it indicates that the tableware should be changed.

How often is it better to change the tableware? Which material of tableware is the healthiest?

2. Imitation porcelain plastic.

1. It looks like ceramic, but it is actually made of plastic and melamine formaldehyde resin.

2. This economic component will generate melamine and corporate formaldehyde under the action of acid, enter our human body, and cause social cell cancer.

3. Generally, this kind of tableware has a long life, which can be used for many years, or it can be developed and has not been used. But if our company is often jealous, it is best not to use this kind of tableware.

Ceramics, porcelain and glass.

1. They are all made of silicate, but they have different shapes depending on the template.

2. Generally, the service life is relatively long, as long as it is not broken, we can develop and use it all the time.

image 3. Some products are dyed by metallic minerals. Meet the regulations, don’t worry. If the color fades during use, it is best not to continue using it.

How often is it better to change the tableware? Which material of tableware is the healthiest?

Stainless steel, silver and copper products.

1. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel has developed relatively well, even if we use China for decades, there will not be a big change.

However, some unqualified stainless steel contains a lot of harmful metals, and the intake will have a great impact on the human body. So pay attention to the manufacturer when buying, don’t buy Sanwu products.

3. Silverware will turn black after using it for a long time. You need to remove a black substance before continuing to learn to use it.

4. It is best not to use copperware as tableware, because copperware is prone to corrosion, forming copper rust, and ingestion of the human body will socially affect the student’s body.

In general, you should also pay attention to the placement of tableware and the environment, and try to put it in a dry and cool place to avoid the breeding of bacteria.

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