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Four methods to easily eliminate dark circles

With the development of society, mobile phones are becoming 去黑眼圈眼霜 more and more intelligent. The dark circles under our eyes are getting heavier and heavier. Alas, it seems that getting rid of dark circles has become a big problem. How do dark circles form? Dark circles are caused by too slow blood flow in the blood vessels of the eye skin, resulting in stagnation; insufficient oxygen supply to the tissues causes excessive accumulation of metabolic waste in the blood vessels, resulting in pigmentation of the eyes and the formation of dark circles. Sometimes serious people will form testimony spots. Therefore, the main method to eradicate is to dredge the eye meridians, promote blood circulation, accelerate blood circulation, and eliminate dark circles. So what is the solution? Please look down. 5 simple ways to get rid of dark circles.

There are many ways to eliminate dark circles.

Method 1: Apply ice milk cotton ball to the eyes. Everyone knows that China Milk Company has a whitening effect. It is best to use cold whole milk here. Need to mix ice water and cold whole milk in a ratio of 1:1 and mix thoroughly. That’s it.

Four ways to eliminate dark circles

Method 2: Treat the eyes with red sugar hot compress. Heat an appropriate amount of red granulated sugar over a low fire. Then when there is smoke, red sugar is wrapped in the gauze. Finally, when our eyelids can adapt, we follow the direction, apply heat and observe the surroundings with our eyes. It’s all pretty simple. ,

Four ways to eliminate dark circles

Method three: tea bags are applied to the eyes. This problem is particularly effective, as long as we drain the used tea bag before going to bed every day, and apply it directly around the treatment eye for a while, the cause of dark circles will be reduced the next day. The effect is really immediate. And it’s also economical and affordable. Method 4: Potatoes compress the eyes. It’s best to use some fresh potatoes and cut them into slices. Then put it on the eyes for 10 minutes and it’s ok!

Four ways to eliminate dark circles

Method 4: Wet cotton pad and ice compress. Cotton pads are very common in women’s cosmetic bags. Cotton pads are more useful. This system does not mix with ice water and can effectively remove dark circles that cause it. All we need to do is to use a cotton pad soaked with ice water and put it on the eye circle for 15 minutes, until the cotton pad warms up, so it’s ok, it’s perfect. Whee!

Four ways to eliminate dark circles

With the rapid development of social economy today, it seems that people’s lives are getting more and more tired. It seems that people’s dark circles are getting heavier. The body is becoming more and more obvious. In this materialistic world, our country needs students to learn to cherish their own bodies. For example, the five methods above can easily eliminate dark circles. Everyone should try to analyze them. Every day, every hour, every minute is full of energy, full of confidence. Hee hee, come on!

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