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Hair fall often easily, perhaps due to the development of 6 types of diseases!

Six diseases that cause hair loss

First of all, kidney deficiency can cause hair loss. This is also the 脫髮問題 first symptom that many men suspect about hair loss. Of course, not all kidney deficiency can cause hair loss. Only kidney yin deficiency can cause hair loss. Therefore, in case of uncertainty, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination and strengthen kidney maintenance. Conditioning in two ways.

Secondly, female anemia can also cause hair loss, especially for some women who have weight loss, it is very easy to develop severe anemia symptoms, and some people usually like to drink coffee and alcohol, which is not conducive to iron absorption. Over time Anemia is prone to occur, and the growth of hair especially needs blood support. Anemia will naturally lead to hair loss problems.

Then, protein deficiency can also cause hair loss. Because more than 90% of the hair is composed of protein structure, if the body develops a lack of protein, the hair will gradually start to grow slowly, become thinner, and finally lose hair, and protein deficiency will also affect it. It is also easy to recognize that it causes edema in the physical condition.

In addition, thyroid disease can also cause hair loss, because thyroid hormone is very important for hair growth. Whether it is too much or too little, it will cause hair loss symptoms, such as common hyperthyroidism, which usually leads to hair loss. If hair loss is accompanied by insomnia, Then it’s best to go to the hospital to check it.

In addition, for women, hair loss may also be caused by polycystic ovary syndrome. The typical manifestation of patients is that the top of the head and forehead are prone to hair loss, but the body hair grows rapidly. This can be achieved by lowering testosterone or improving blood flow through massage. ease.

Finally, modern people have a lot of mental stress, which easily leads to endocrine disorders. This stress syndrome is also an important cause of hair loss. Severe mental stress may also affect the body’s immune system and cause large pieces of hair to fall out, which is common alopecia areata. Therefore, you must not neglect your mental stress, and like to relieve stress in your daily work and life.

The problem of hair loss not only affects the appearance, but also easily affects confidence. So what should be done to prevent hair loss?

Tips to prevent hair loss

First, it is an important method to prevent hair loss by reducing “tossing” hair as much as possible. For example, reducing the number of hair dyeing and perming. Everyone has a love for beauty, but it is beautiful for hair, and the price is also for hair. It will cause some damage, and effective measures can be taken to prevent hair loss if it is not frequently dyed and permed.

Secondly, do not ignore the importance of sleep. Adequate sleep can promote hair metabolism and prevent hair loss, especially from 10 pm to 2 am. If adequate sleep, hair metabolism can be better. Therefore, prevent hair loss from Refusal to stay up late to start.

Third, when washing hair, we should also pay attention to the protection of the hair to avoid aggravating hair loss. For example, when washing the hair, the water temperature should not be too high, try not to exceed 40 ℃, and they should not use very degreasing. Strong people or other alkaline shampoos, so as not to cause damage to the hair.

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