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What is the healthiest tableware?

Chopsticks used in daily life are usually made of wood, bamboo or iron.

1. Wooden chopsticks and bamboo chopsticks bamboo cutlery manufacturer are relatively simple and prone to mildew, and it is difficult to keep them for a long time. Especially if the social environment of the company is relatively humid, the lifespan will be shorter.

2. The life span of bamboo chopsticks is shorter than that of wooden chopsticks. Because bamboo chopsticks have strong water absorption capacity, the internal control can easily breed bacteria, which cannot be recognized by the naked eye. These bacteria can easily enter our body through various foods and cause harm to human health.

3. Therefore, the service life of wooden chopsticks and bamboo chopsticks is generally two to three months, and then it should be replaced. The lifespan of iron chopsticks is longer than that of bamboo chopsticks and wooden chopsticks, so the term structure we use can pass a little longer.

What is the service life of other social life learning tools?

1. Plastic products.

1. The main material of plastic is polypropylene, which will not release toxic substances, but if it is used for too long, it will degrade and soften.

2. If a plastic keeps showing such a silver streak during the aging process, it indicates that the tableware should be changed.

How often is it better to change the tableware? Which material of tableware is the healthiest?

2. Imitation porcelain plastic.

1. It looks like ceramic, but it is actually made of plastic and melamine formaldehyde resin.

2. This economic component will generate melamine and corporate formaldehyde under the action of acid, enter our human body, and cause social cell cancer.

3. Generally, this kind of tableware has a long life, which can be used for many years, or it can be developed and has not been used. But if our company is often jealous, it is best not to use this kind of tableware.

Ceramics, porcelain and glass.

1. They are all made of silicate, but they have different shapes depending on the template.

2. Generally, the service life is relatively long, as long as it is not broken, we can develop and use it all the time.

image 3. Some products are dyed by metallic minerals. Meet the regulations, don’t worry. If the color fades during use, it is best not to continue using it.

How often is it better to change the tableware? Which material of tableware is the healthiest?

Stainless steel, silver and copper products.

1. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel has developed relatively well, even if we use China for decades, there will not be a big change.

However, some unqualified stainless steel contains a lot of harmful metals, and the intake will have a great impact on the human body. So pay attention to the manufacturer when buying, don’t buy Sanwu products.

3. Silverware will turn black after using it for a long time. You need to remove a black substance before continuing to learn to use it.

4. It is best not to use copperware as tableware, because copperware is prone to corrosion, forming copper rust, and ingestion of the human body will socially affect the student’s body.

In general, you should also pay attention to the placement of tableware and the environment, and try to put it in a dry and cool place to avoid the breeding of bacteria.

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